Friday, November 26, 2010

Karen Black

As an aspiring actress with a terrible and, consequently, incurable type of "lazy-eye" (specifically known as Duane's Retraction Syndrome in my case), beautiful, oscar-nominated actress of yesteryear, Karen Black reminds me that nothing is impossible, even for those of us with a squint.
Its pretty visible here, You can see how her irises are slightly misaligned. I had to look really hard. But, I guess that is all some people can see. I just read this on a message board:

"True Story: When I saw her in Airport 75, she played a stewardess how lands a plane...the woman sitting behind me stage whispered, 'How can someone whose cross-eyed land a 747?'"

If I didn't know, I would never, in a million years have guessed that she was cross-eyed like me.
Thank you Ms. Black, for inspiring me everyday, and helping to give me the courage to pursue my dreams!

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