Friday, December 24, 2010

My Top Ten Favorite Christmas Movies (in no particular order)

1. White Christmas

2. A Christmas Story

3. Miracle on 34th Street
Miracle On 34th Street Poster
4. Christmas Vacation
5. Elf
6. Home Alone
7. Its a Wonderful Life (the telephone scene has one of the best on screen kisses i've ever seen)
8. How the Grinch Stole Christmas
9. The Nutcracker Prince
10. Love Actually

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Couples I "Ship"

Since I am procrastinating writing my 25 history of feminist thought paper, I though i would waste my time by making up this little list. For those of you who are not fanfiction nerds like me ( to quote Miranda Hobbes, "it's my thing, leave it alone.") ship refers to a couple from a tv show, book, etc that you support. These are all the couples I currently, or have, at some point shipped. Some are obscure. some are more well known. Cheers to living vicariously through fiction! But hey, its a step up from warcraft, at least its creative.

Seth/Summer (The O.C.)

Will/Lyra (His Dark Materials)
Annie/Jeff (Community) partly, but not only because joel mchale is a fucking BABE
Ryan/Kelly (The Office)
Jerry/Elaine (Seinfeld)
Kevin/Winnie (The Wonder Years)
Helga/Arnold (Hey Arnold)
Big Pete/Ellen (The Adventures of Pete and Pete)
Peter/Wendy (Peter Pan)
Laura/Almanzo (Little House)
Eric/Donna (That 70s Show)
Ross/Rachel (Friends) the original greats, in my opinion
Joe Buck/Ratso Rizzo (Midnight Cowboy)
Anne/Gilbert (Anne of Green Gables)
Hoyt/Jessica (True Blood) one of the main reasons i continue to watch this show
Mark/Maureen (Rent)
Erik/Christine (The Phantom of the Opera)
Jane/Rochester (Jane Eyre)
Sid/Cassie (Skins)
Shane/Carmen (The L Word)
Ash/Misty (Pokemon) i'm a huge nerd, i know
Eddie/Rose (Dogfight)
Gidget/Moondoggie (Gidget)
Robin/Marion (Robin Hood)
Jake/Hamilton (Young Americans) again a little embarrassing because the show was a bit sub par, but give me a break. it was at the very end of my freshman year and i was in the throes of my Katherine Moennig phase. Plus Ian Sommerhalder is a babe and they make a cute androgynous couple.
Joey and Caitlin (Degrassi) i know they keep coming up. i'm a fan
Arthur/Gwen (Merlin)

Merlin/Morgana (Merlin)
merlin/morgana - merlin-morgana photo

Monday, December 6, 2010

Jazzy Trailblazing Gender-Benders

Billy Tipton
Born Dorothy Lucille Tipton, this androgynous jazz musician lived life as a man for 50 years while maintaining a number of relationships with various women.
Why has an awesome biopic not been made?

Gladys Bentley

This silk-voiced chanteuse accomplished the impossible: she broke into the male dominated music industry, not just as a woman, but as a black woman and a gay woman. She was openly flamboyant, donning her signature tuxedos and flirting with female audience members. Go Gladys!
Very dapper!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Friday, November 26, 2010

Karen Black

As an aspiring actress with a terrible and, consequently, incurable type of "lazy-eye" (specifically known as Duane's Retraction Syndrome in my case), beautiful, oscar-nominated actress of yesteryear, Karen Black reminds me that nothing is impossible, even for those of us with a squint.
Its pretty visible here, You can see how her irises are slightly misaligned. I had to look really hard. But, I guess that is all some people can see. I just read this on a message board:

"True Story: When I saw her in Airport 75, she played a stewardess how lands a plane...the woman sitting behind me stage whispered, 'How can someone whose cross-eyed land a 747?'"

If I didn't know, I would never, in a million years have guessed that she was cross-eyed like me.
Thank you Ms. Black, for inspiring me everyday, and helping to give me the courage to pursue my dreams!