Sunday, February 27, 2011

JAILBAIT: Skandar Keynes

For my weekly tradition of Sunday procrastination I watched the Chronicles of Narnia films. In general, I prefer the old BBC version that I grew up with. However, this time I went ahead and gave the new ones a try. By the time I got to viewing Prince Caspian, I made a new discovery, Skandar Keynes. Granted, I am four years older than him so this is slightly creepy, but sometimes puberty works miracles. Tall, fit, dark and fair, this pretty boy has a killer pair of eyes and a subtle mystique.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Newest Crush: Justin Townes Earle

Son of the legendary Steve Earle, this skinny little country boy is at once, endearingly nice and deliciously naughty. With his playfully dirty mouth and a rather sordid past littered with sporadic instances of substance abuse, a stint in jail and getting kicked out of Daddy's band, combined with that wholesome country boy twang, old southern gentlemen charm and effortlessly soulful all-american sound, this bad boy is just sweet enough to make your knees weak. Or at least mine, considering I collapsed about 10 minutes ago and have no intention of getting up until I've rubbed one out. (figuratively speaking, of course) Don't you just love that goofy grin?