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Norway Spiral Light

Mysterious light seen in the sky over Norway. Neato

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Wish List 2012

In the words of George Bailey; "I Wish I had a million dollars!"

Ana's Limited Edition Ballet Dreams Dress by Free People
retails at only $600.00!

Thierry Colson: Hamlet Embroidered Puff Sleeve Dress from Opening Cermony
On Sale for $650.00! (marked down from $1,240.00)
Chloe Sevigny for Opening Ceremony: Barton Perreira Mark Sunglasses
a mere $395.00!

Saturday, December 31, 2011


This is an artist who I found about during my freshman year of college from my friend Molly who knew her through myspace. She sent Molly a copy of her EP, which Molly very kindly shared with me. Now, while the videos could be considered somewhat trite, I think her music is just stunning. Her name is Alessi Laurent-Mark, and in the grand tradition of many of those mod songbirds from the 1960s, she she's a native of swingin' London. I first discovered her in 2007 and I am shocked to see that she has not gotten more coverage. I hope she keeps making music though. To be sure, her appearance is just like that of any other thick-fringed, calico wearing hipster, but in my opinion at least, the sweet purity and simple honesty of her lyrics and melodies make her worthy of note