Friday, September 9, 2011

Notable Actors who were on Are You Afraid of the Dark

Mia Kirshner
Most of you probably recognize her as Jenny Schecter, The L Word's sociopathic protagonist turned antagonist, as the spoof of Sarah Michelle Gellar's Cruel Intentions character in Not Another Teen Movie or the ill-fated title character of The Black Dahlia. However you know her, if at all, I can assure that this pint-sized, sexy little jewess is one hell of an actress (her early work on The L Word, specifically season one, is absolutely stunning!) This episode is one of my favorite in the entire series and she is great in it.
The Tale of the Hungry Hounds

Ryan Gosling
We all fell in love with him when we saw him in The Notebook as Noah, the ULTIMATE sexy-sweet boy next door. I however, did not gain a full appreciation of him until I saw his phenomenal performance as a secretly crack-addicted inner city school teacher in 2006's Half Nelson (in which, somehow, he was even sexier). His tour de force performance nabbed him a much deserved Oscar nod.
The Tale of Station 109.1

Elisha Cuthbert
Midnight Society Member Season 7
Most of you probably know her as the porn star with a heart in 2004's teen sex dud The Girl Next Door or perhaps as one of the hot american girls in Love Actually. It seems that since then, all her roles and films have been of the exploitation genre type. Indeed, maybe it is possible to be too pretty in Hollywood.
Narrated The Tale of the Lunar Locusts (BONUS! This episode also starred figure skater Tara Lipinski)

Rachel Blanchard
Midnight Society Member Season 1-3
The show's original pretty girl. As an actress, this woman has been around for quite a while but remained slightly under the radar. You may most likely recognize her Cher from the short lived Clueless television series or from the movie Road Trip and most recently as Sally on Flight of the Conchords.
Narrated The Tale of the Prom Queen

Hayden Christensen
Yes, Anakin Skywalker and a string of bad performances and critical flops. However, I will stand by this guy in my belief that he is more (at least a little) than a pretty face. If you have seen his peformance as the angst ridden adolescent goth in Life as a House you might agree with me .
The Tale of Bigfoot Ridge

Melissa Joan Heart
Clarissa, Sabrina...growing up in 90s Nickelodeon, this girl epitomized everything that we thought (or perhaps were rather effectively told) was cool. It is possible the Melissa (as Clarissa) was already something of a star by the time this episode aired but still... a notable cast member.
The Tale of the Frozen Ghost

Emmanuelle Chriqui
For those of us who watch Entourage, we know Emmanuelle as the undeserving E's off and on squeeze. You may also have seen her in On the Line, a romantic comedy costarring Lance Bass (before he came out of course.
The Tale of the Night Shift

Jay Baruchel
One's of Judd Apatow's regular's, Baruchel has starred in Tropic Thunder, Knocked Up and the television show Undeclared among others. Baruchel actually appeared in a number of AYAOTD episodes as different characters.
The Tale of the Walking Shadow

Will Friedle
We know him from the classic friday night staple Boy Meets World where he played Eric Matthews, a television character who proved that the longer your hair grows, the dumber you get.
The Tale of the Long Ago Locket

Eddie Kaye Thomas
If you saw the teen classic American Pie, you will recognize this guy as Paul Finch, aka shit-brick, aka the guy who banged Stiffler's mom! When I was little this was the only episode I could tolerate to watch without getting freaked out.
The Tale of the Curious Camera

Neve Campbell
The Scream Queen (literally) of the 90s herself. I can't think of a more well suited place for this actress to have gotten her start.
The Tale of the Dangerous Soup

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