Saturday, February 12, 2011

Newest Crush: Justin Townes Earle

Son of the legendary Steve Earle, this skinny little country boy is at once, endearingly nice and deliciously naughty. With his playfully dirty mouth and a rather sordid past littered with sporadic instances of substance abuse, a stint in jail and getting kicked out of Daddy's band, combined with that wholesome country boy twang, old southern gentlemen charm and effortlessly soulful all-american sound, this bad boy is just sweet enough to make your knees weak. Or at least mine, considering I collapsed about 10 minutes ago and have no intention of getting up until I've rubbed one out. (figuratively speaking, of course) Don't you just love that goofy grin?


  1. Have you heard his cover of "Can't Hardly Wait"?

  2. (I found yr blog by clicking The Replacements on my profile). Gonna follow it now because you like Pokémon too. Seems like "fate". Or something.