Sunday, August 29, 2010

Best Degrassi Couples

I'm a huge fan of the series. Both the old and most of the new. At a high school with so much drama constantly occuring, it is only natural that these coeds would change partners as fast as they change classes. These pairs are the cream of the crop.
1. Joey and Caitlin
The original Degrassi power couple. Though occasionally immature and selfish, with his good looks and signature
hat, Joey Jeremiah was the fast talking class clown who wore his heart on his sleeve. She was the mature, sometimes
neurotic, book-smart, pretty girl whose political awareness could rival that of a professional congressman. These
classically mismatched lovers broke each other hearts again and again and continued to play cat and mouse into
2. Sean and Emma
3. Simon and Alexa
4. Paige and Spinner
5. Spike and Snake
6. Jimmy and Ashley

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